Week 2 ~ Job Chapter 1-42

Week 2:

We are reading the book of Job.

Job, the book, tells the story of Job, a man with prestige & possessions. It is a story of riches-to-rags-to-riches! He was suddenly assaulted on every side, devasted, stripped down to his very foundation. BUT, his life had been built on GOD, and Job did endure!

As we read through Job, we should check OUR foundation. Are we putting too much stock in "things", "stuff", "pleasures", "money"??

Or, are we putting complete trust in GOD?

If you found your self in Job's sandals tomorrow....would you be able to say that, "When all is gone but God, He is enough."?

The main points in Job are:

1 - Job is tested

2-Three friends offer "words of wisdom" to Job

3-A young friend (Elihu) gives his "two-cents" worth on Jobs current disposition

4-God answers Job (and his friends)

5-Job is RESTORED!!

We must courageously accept what God allows to happen in our lives and remaind firmly committed to Him.

We must learn to love God despite the facts that surround our lives.

There are great rewards in the end for those who keep their trust in God and persevere.

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